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By: Mohd Rusdy Yaacob

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Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 18:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Making of Kuih Ketayap

I love Malaysian traditional snacks! One of them would be a so called Kuih Ketayap
If I've been given a table of foods, I would prefer to taste the snacks instead of having the heavier ones like rice or noodles.

Getting sick of travelogue huh!? Now let me deviate your attention to a know-how stuff
How to make this Kuih Ketayap

First thing first, you have to have this old-school grater machine..However in this picture, it does look new

Then what you have to do is to grate the unripe coconut to get the grated coconut flesh for the filling. If you are no longer an amateur in using this old machine, you can always wear kain pelikat as what the model in this photo is wearing

Just grate the WHITE and fleshy edible part of the seed. In getting to this level, skills are highly required!

Then hand them to your mum for the making of the filling. I guess the ingredients should be the grated coconut flesh itself, brown sugar and pandan leaf (optional)

OMG, so sorry that I missed the wrapping part! This is done first by rolling the green pancakes around the coconut filling, then folding the sides and finally rolling it again to form cylindrical parcels. [Wikipedia]

Now there you taste so damn caramelized-good!! Don't be surprised if I am capable to finish out the whole plate in no time!

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Paella Day

This eating event was held at the same house we were having the Laksa Se-Malaysia Day last time i.e. Kak Dora's house. Obviously the idea of preparing the Paella came out during the time we visited Spain and being so addicted to this Spanish typical dish.

First let me refresh your eyes and mind on the original Paella 100% made in Spain.

Now let me introduce another version of Paella..Malaysian style and made in Germany by the lady Chef Dora

Let's have a close up..rice with meat balls, prawns, squids and carrots

Here are the food hunters who were always ready to attack the two pans right in front of them

While eating, we also had so much fun watching funny vids at youtube. As you can see, I was the Tokan lorr....

The one that almost killed us was this funny video:

cirit or die...

Photos: Courtesy of

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Cahaya Andalusia (Day 1) :: 2nd January 2009

limau lemau
ooh..ic ic..
ape tu kak yam?
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We were supposed to visit Spain during last summer but since the ticket price was killing, we shifted our plan to visit Stockholm instead. (No doubt the same people involved for this trip). Therefore Spain has been declared as the 1st country to visit for the year 2009..really such a BIG warm up for this year huh?!

As always, before the flight departing, we had ourselves with nasi lemak (wrapped in with banana!!) The journey from Frankfurt (Hahn) to Barcelona (Girona) took almost 2 hours time. We arrived at Girona Airport at 3.45PM and boarded into a shuttle bus for a 1-hour journey to Barcelona City. Having a very limited time in Barcelona, we straightaway headed to Plaza de Catalunya to embark our sightseeing with the Barcelona Bus Turistic (Hop on Hop off).

We bought a ticket for 2-days ride but the fact was, we’ll be leaving Barcelona tomorrow night. So for today, we just had a 2-hours sightseeing since the service finished for the day at 9.00PM. However, it was enough to impress us that there would be a lot to discover in Barcelona City. Really couldn’t wait for tomorrow!

Being so damn hungry, we had our dinner at one of the exclusive restaurants in Plaza de Catalunya. We ordered ourselves so called, Paella, a typical Spanish food.

Unfortunately, while everybody was expecting to have their own pan of Paella, suddenly we were served with a big pan of Paella ONLY. Then we kept arguing with the waiter who was responsible to place in our order. As expected, he could not do anything about it. So did us!! We just shared eating the Paella and kept grumbling and grumbling until we finished and left out the whole pan EMPTY! Pity us..

We checked in at Hotel Comencio which is located not so far from the city center.

Cahayamu bagai sabitah
Doaku kau sejahtera
Biar warna kubah-kubahmu kian pudar
Untukmu setanggi ini kubakar

Cahayamu sediakala...

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Cahaya Andalusia (Day 2) :: 3rd January 2009

arc de triomf..from palau nacional
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After having breakfast at the hotel, we checked out from the hotel and went to the main train station to purchase our tickets to Granada tonight. OMG, the price was killing but what choice did we have? We had to get the ticket since we already booked a hotel in Granada and even the Alhambra entrance ticket!

From the train station, we took the tourist bus to La Boqueria which markets meats, fishes and some other groceries. Opps..almost the wrong place! Hahaha.. Then we walked towards the Arce de Triomf which is located nearby.

The view from this point was really pleasuring. From here also we could see the Palau Nacional which houses the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC).

We decided to spend our precious time around this area before continuing with the next route of the tourist bus.

We furthered our journey to the Olympic Stadium and had an amazing view of the Estadi Olímpic Communication Tower nearby.

However, we could not manage our time to check out what’s inside one of the most historical olympic stadium in the world..enough for just an outside view of it sigh~~

Our next stop was the Port Vell (Barcelona Old Harbour). There we walked through Rambla de Mar towards Maremagnum, a shopping mall. We had our lunch at one of the restaurants inside the shopping mall. Some of us did order Paella (again!!) and the rest just felt safe to order a Pasta. Hmm..guess what?! For this time, the Paella turned out to be so delicious!! Unfortunately, I was the UNLUCKY one..damn it!! Credits to the restaurant's promoter for a very convincing persuasion..

We continued our journey to the Casa Batllo and furthered walking to the Casa Mila. Both museum were one of the Gaudi’s masterpiece but we really did not have ample time to enter those museum because of the time constraint.

Again we took the tourist bus to visit the Sagrada Familia (also by Gaudi). We really did not need to complain about the construction on going since the whole structure is scheduled to be completed in 2026!..perhaps next time we should come here again with our own kids

We finished our activities for today by just having a night sightseeing from the tourist bus before leaving for Granada by the night train at 9.30 PM.

The train was facilitated with a bed for each of us to sleep and we were scheduled to arrive at Granada at 8.40 AM tomorrow morning..what a loooong journey~! Unfortunately, we did not have enough sleep at all since there were a group of drunken people kept partying and knocking our compartment’s door at times.. Sighh~

Hurmmm.. Honestly, there are still a lot more to discover in Barcelona but what can we do? The long holiday was just about to finish despite the fact that we had other cities to explore in Spain..perhaps another rain check will do, insyaAllah..

Aku rindukan zaman kebangkitan
Pabila nurani bersulamkan fikiran
Seganding dan bersatu
Lafaz niatku bertemu

Cahayamu tiada tara

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Cahaya Andalusia (Day 3) :: 4th January 2009

cover album muhhehe
something to do with royal stuffs
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Just after arriving at the Granada Train Station, without wasting our time we walked following the printed route to Hotel Aben Humeya and checked in to our own rooms. The room was far more comfort compared with the one we had in Barcelona. The hotel was not very far from the city of Granada. We just walked through the road side towards the city. We didn't have much information about ineteresting places to discover within the city. Whatever we saw considerably interesting, then we'd step a bit closer into it.

Then we dropped by at the Granada Cathedral. It wasn’t the Cathedral that really amazed us but a number of souvenirs bazaar which are lining up along the alley aside.

Still feeling hunger for another ‘Paella moment”, we randomly picked a restaurant which is not far away from the Granada Parks. Ermm.. it still taste the same but the one that really did freak me out was the hot chocolate. So far in Europe, I had never been served with this kind of hot chocolate! Seemed that it has stolen the limelight of Paella for this time

Beside Alhambra, one should also visit Albayzin, the old Moorish quarter of Granada city. It is located just a walking distance from the heart of the city.

At one point, we could see a view of Alhambra on top of the hill.

In fact, those who are willing to walk uphill to Alhambra should embark from here and reach at one of the gates to Alhmabra. However, there is also shuttle service provided from the same point. So it’s up to your own expense!

Feeling so tired for having a long walk for today around the city, we still had to walk back to the hotel since we wanted badly to drop by at one of the souvenir shop located not far from our hotel. Buying these and those, we walked home and had our dinner in our rooms before having an adequate recharge for tomorrow…zzzzzzz

Pohon salamku pada fakir-fakirmu andalusia
Pohon izinkanlah aku menyelami irama asyikmu
Pohon ku dipinjamkan gabus dan ghazalmu jadi azimat
Supaya dapat aku tari menongkah arus
Sahutlah andalusia

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